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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

Corrin Lakeland <lakeland@acm.org> writes:

> I agree, and if Harry had criticised the CDs then I would have refuted that. 
> But, looking at Harry's problems, none of them were caused by the 
> installation CD which (by luck more than anything) appeared to work 
> perfectly. So, I don't think it is far to complain he used unofficial, 
> unreleased CDs.

Looking back at it now that I've successfully done the install and
moved on.  I think the biggest single stumbling block was the failure
to find the nic.  And the confusing (possibly inaccurate) section
where you pick nic drivers.  As Corrin and others have pointed out,
without a network things are much more difficult.

Once someone steered me to the correct nic driver my CDs were fine to
get the basic system.  Then editing sources.list and installing woody
from testing was almost a snap.  :-).

Problems that followed were minor, but again driver or hardware
related.  The gpm issue which seems to crop up quite a lot.  Still
haven't resolved that but it is less significant.  Since it does work
in X.

But here again its something that other linuxs and BSDS have found
without major difficulty.  Both the mouse setup and the nic.

Once a user gets his hands on apt-get and its friends they will soon
see what debian is all about.  And why some people swear by it.  There
is truly a vast array of tools here for managing the OS.  But as is
always the case with a large arsenal, it takes some learning.

But back to the problems for a moment:

Its fine to say `Debian is not aimed at the same crowd' or similar.
That is a fine thing to do, but still things like gpm are so simple a
part of other installs, it must mean something is different there.

It has apparently been a problem for quite some time.  Not
earthshaking but there.

A final note here.  I see  some posters are still reposting things
said in this thread, maybe some of you missed my outright appology to
the list:
Message-Id: <E16gec9-0000JW-00@expi.local.lan>
Please note too that since getting an install running I've documented
and filed 2 official bug reports and a third semi-official one.

These are not lifechanging issues but do reflect an attemp to pitch
into the general pool here.

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