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Re: Debian package system; some questions :)

On 05-Mar-2002 I.J.W. Wever wrote:
> Hi list,
> I've recently installed Debian2.2r5 from a mounted file system
> (my windows disk): /mnt/hda5/dl/Linux/dists
> In that directory I have directories /stable and /potato, which are identical
> and both contain all available binaries for a 386 system (for some reason
> the install program seemed to need this). I've been playing around with
> dselect somewhat, always using that location as source.

On UNIX systems this is accomplished by symbolic links.  Each mirror and the
debian cd's have a setup like this:

potato/ <- real directory
stable -> potato
unstable -> potato

so there is only one copy of a deb on the disk.

> I downloaded the .debs for Kernel2.4.18, glibc2.2.5, and XFree4.1.0 and
> want to install these. Now my question: Where is the best place to put them,
> how can I easily add them to the dselect 'source path' and do these package
> have inherent dependencies that ensure me that the previous kernel, glibc
> and Xfree are uninstalled?

Does your linux setup not have networking yet?  Why are you copying the files
in windows and then installing them from linux?  You are most likely going to
miss a dependency this way and dselect will not be able to help you since it
can not know about the packages you are giving it.  The "best" thing you could
do would be to setup a partial mirror under Windows and then point dselect at
that partial mirror.  For the packaging tools to function, they need to be
given information about the available packages.  This lets the tools determine
installation order, checks depends and conflicts, very disk space needed, etc.

For most packages when a new version is installed it replaces the old one. 
This is not always possible and the kernel is one of these cases.  After
installing a new kernel you should reboot, test and be happy it works.  Wait
a few days even.  The use dpkg --purge kernel-image-..... to remove the old

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