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Re: dpkg - the letter prefixes.. what do they mean

"Mark S. Reglewski" <markregl@megsinet.net> writes:

>> I think that would *really* clear things up a lot. Maybe the
>> explanations could even contain some more spaces.
> Excellent.  Easier to read and understand than any of the ascii art
> versions.  dselect will still strike terror into the hearts of
> newbies everywhere, but this is better.

Just a comment from the peanut gallery here.  I'm the newbie who
started the thread, and after it was explained by dman I liked the
ascii art.  The number based one doesn't seem as good to me.

What I think is missing is a brief explanatoin of how it works.  The
the ascii works if its explained.  I guess the numbers would too, but
I don't thing you can really escape an explanation.  AT least at that
secion (-l I think), in the manpage.  There should be a full
explanation of it.

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