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Re: Printing question

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 03:58, Alan & Kerry Shrimpton wrote:
> Hi,
> I know most people have their Linux box connected to the net.  I have my
> windows machine.
> I know most people probably have their printers connected to their Linux
> machine.  I have it connected to my windows machine.
> Seriously, aren't newbies like myself trying to find an alternative to
> windows?  I have a working windows machine.  Why pull it apart to try Linux.
> I want to add Linux to the windows machine and work on it to see if I like
> it.  Keep my windows connected to my scanner, Internet and printer.  Get my
> Linux using it all as my 2nd machine.  Slowly migrate it as my main computer
> if I like it.  Isn't that what most newbies do?
> That is my situation and now to my real question.
> 1.  How the heck do I see my windows machine on my Linux machine?

You can try to smb mount a shared drive from the windows machine with
smbfs (in package smbfs) or use an interactive ftp like client with
smbclient (in package smbclient).  The man pages for each command will
give you a good base of what you need to do and what you may not
understand yet.  Come back to the list with any unanswered questions you
may have.

> 2.  How do I get my Linux machine to print using my printer hardware
> connected to my windows machine?

Configure the windows machine to share the printer.  You're most likely
going to need to create a "windows account" consisting of a login name
and password so your linux box can authenticate itself with your windows
box.  This is beleive is under different places if windows is NT or
95/98, Me, or XP.  If you need more help mail back with which windows
you have.  Take note of this machines netbios name and the share name of
the printer.

Install cups (see below for packages) on the linux machine.  Point a
webbrower at localhost:631 and authenticate yourself in as root so you
can add printers.  Add a printer as a samba share and make the uri look
as follows:


select an appropriate ppd and finish off any other misc questions.

This should allow linux to print to this printer with lp and lpr
assuming you install cupssys-bsd cupsys-client cupssys cupsomatic-ppd
and any other miscellaneous dependencies.


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