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Re: Printing question

Alan & Kerry Shrimpton, Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 10:58:46PM +1300: 
> Hi,
> I know most people have their Linux box connected to the net.  I have my
> windows machine.
> I know most people probably have their printers connected to their Linux
> machine.  I have it connected to my windows machine.
> 1.  How the heck do I see my windows machine on my Linux machine?

Assuming that:

1.  you have a hub/switch
2.  you have a NIC in your linux machine
3.  you have 2 NICs in your win machine
4.  you have eveything cabled
5.  you have your interfaces configured correctly

then the easiest way to "see" your windows machine (with the exception of
ping) is to install linneighborhood, which will give you a network
browser similar to "Network Neighborhood" on windows.

Setting up your printer after that is pretty easy (see dman's response).

I have no idea how to proxy/masquerade network connections on windows


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