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Re: Printing question

Alan & Kerry Shrimpton(loverslane.poodles@ihug.co.nz) is reported to have said:
> Hi,
> I know most people have their Linux box connected to the net.  I have my
> windows machine.
> I know most people probably have their printers connected to their Linux
> machine.  I have it connected to my windows machine.
> That is my situation and now to my real question.
> 1.  How the heck do I see my windows machine on my Linux machine?
> 2.  How do I get my Linux machine to print using my printer hardware
> connected to my windows machine?


> No doubt I need to install some packages but what ones?
apt-cache show samba  - should get you started.  You should have an smb
filesystem enabled in your kernel as well

Another one to check is
apt-cache show xsmbrowser

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)
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