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Re: Nautilus broke?

I'm not sure if I fixed it but I found the problem at least.

1. I was logged in as root after finishing my 10 hour Apt-get run to
install the rest of the software I needed, and started X to test if it
worked.  At this point I had not migrated my old users.  I tried to
start Nautilus, but nothing happened.

2. I logged in as a normal user, and Nautilus would not start (this
point I sent the parent to this thread)

3. I had to reboot for some odd reason.

4. I logged in as my normal user

5. Nautilus started (WOOO!)

6. I started X as root, Nautilus would not start

7. I logged in as another user, and Nautilus would not start

8. I went to work on something else, and had to reboot.  At this point
both my users on my system could start X and run Nautilus.

Okay, I have not tried to log in as root and start nautilus again, since
at this point I have no reason to startx as root any way.  Looks like a
bug, but I dont know.  I dont need Nautilus as root, so I think I am
done with this error.

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 22:06, Arthur H. Johnson II wrote:
> I dont know if its how I installed Debian Woody, but Nautilus will not
> start.  The only error I get is: 
> Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library 
> Not sure what to do from here. 
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