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Re: fetchmail? screwed up

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 09:40:46AM -0500, Sam Rosenfeld wrote:
> Cannot fetch my mail from my dial-up internet provider.  After running
> Fetchmail, the only reponse is something like "Faulty authorization:
> Query error 3."  (A few weeks ago I switched from potato to woody.)
> My .fetchmailrc file reads as follows:
> poll wdn.com proto IMAP id "id" password "password".  I haven't changed
> this in quite a while.

Hi Sam,

I compared that with mine, which has a diferent syntax:

# Configuration created Sat Sep  8 17:29:15 2001 by fetchmailconf
set postmaster "postmaster"
set bouncemail
set no spambounce
set properties ""
poll pop.btx.dtag.de
       user '*****' there with password '***' is joachim here

I think fetchmailconf did that automagically.

HTH, Joachim

Joachim Fahnenmüller
Lehrer für Mathematik und Physik

Kattowitzer Straße 52
51065 Köln

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