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Re: modem/pppd troubles

> also sprach Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net> [2002.03.01.2308 +0100]:
> > 1) Why do not you try to create a kernel for the desktop with=20
> but why? ppp_sync is not loaded on the laptop, and it's not needed for
> pppd/modem communication, which is asynchronous.

Because I am trying to work by elimination. I assume there is some 
difference between the laptop and the desktop which you overlooked and 
that no one so far can point to as the reason for the desktop failure.
Since you presently have no other way to try and solve the problem why 
do not you try this way?

> > 2) Can you dial with minicom to your provider and stay connected until=20
> > your provider disconnect you? Actually, what are the differences when=20
> > trying to dial from within minicom to your provider with the laptop and=
> =20
> > the desktop?
> yes, i can dial in, but i get disconnected after about 30 seconds,
> which is (i guess) because my provider isn't picking up my part of
> a ppp conversation (which, of course, i am not sending either).
> this strikes me as legitimate behaviour. and do not forget: the
> external modem works just fine when serially connected to the laptop.

This also suggests that there is no problem with the modem setting on 
the desktop. Therefore, by elimination, there is probably some problem 
with the ppp process on the desktop.

> > 3) What about the differences in the ppp, chat and setserial between=20
> > the desktop and the laptop?
> there are no differences.

What are the syslog lines on the {laptop,desktop} regarding the ppp 
Have you tried making the ppp process on both machines write more 
information to the syslog file (or other logging file)? What about plog?

> > 4) Have you tried the PPP-HOWTO?
> of course. no info there.

As far as I know chat + ppp can write enough information to the log 
files in order to debug them. The problem is that many people (me 
included) do not know how to interpret this information correctly.

> thanks for your time in any case!
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