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Re: modem/pppd troubles

also sprach Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net> [2002.03.01.2308 +0100]:
> 1) Why do not you try to create a kernel for the desktop with 

but why? ppp_sync is not loaded on the laptop, and it's not needed for
pppd/modem communication, which is asynchronous.

> 2) Can you dial with minicom to your provider and stay connected until 
> your provider disconnect you? Actually, what are the differences when 
> trying to dial from within minicom to your provider with the laptop and 
> the desktop?

yes, i can dial in, but i get disconnected after about 30 seconds,
which is (i guess) because my provider isn't picking up my part of
a ppp conversation (which, of course, i am not sending either).

this strikes me as legitimate behaviour. and do not forget: the
external modem works just fine when serially connected to the laptop.

> 3) What about the differences in the ppp, chat and setserial between 
> the desktop and the laptop?

there are no differences.

> 4) Have you tried the PPP-HOWTO?

of course. no info there.

thanks for your time in any case!

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