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Re: exim and printer answers

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 11:53:30AM -0800, paul wrote:

oeps, I think you're to terse for me in this post:(
I miss the context provided by showing pieces of my posting you're
replying to.

> tests you asked for:
> lp   command not found

I take it you mean you typed `type lp' and that's the result.
That's what I expected (since I was corrected:).
The thing now to know is the result of `type lpr'.
No need to try it, further down you mention the result of `which lpr',
and that will do too:)
> lpr cursor goes to the next line and stays there until
> the window is closed, (forever).

Here you're definitely to terse:(
You mean that you typed `lpr' all by itself on a line?
In that case what happens is that the lpr command waits for
input from the terminal to pass it on to the printer. It stops
doing this when the first character on a new line is control-d
(that is the control key and the D key pressed simultaniously)

Remember those

# cat <<EOF >/dev/lp0
a single line
an other line

tests? There the cat command was reading its input from the terminal.
So you had to type all four lines. Same here. Try:

# lpr <<EOF
a single line
an other line

> whereis says lpr is in /usr/sbin/lpr

whereis and type are quite similar commands, so this tells us that
you do have the lpr command.  So to print you'll have to use `lpr'.

> whereis says lp is not there (actually its says
> nothing)

But you don't have the lp command.  Both are quite similar, you need
only one, and which one is on your system depends on the printer
package you selected. In your case its the package lpr, and that
provides the command lpr.
> I take it that magicfilter and the restoration of the
> 3 files is ok.

So your printer is working now?  Did you try that magical magicfilter
incantation I spelled out in a previous post?

groetjes, carel

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