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Re: Enough time wasted, moving on

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 08:48, dman wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 05:25:01PM -0600, Timothy R. Butler wrote:
> | 
> | > You can try installing a base potato system, then dist-upgrade to
> | > woody.  This has worked for me on several systems.
> |   BTW, to the original poster: Don't bother with DSELECT. Install the base 
> | system, and then once you get it working, use a decent tool like KPackage in 
> | KDE for installing more packages. Oh, or aptitude seems nice too.
> Slight problem there.  If you stop after the base system, how do you
> run KPackage?  :-).  First he'll have to apt-get install X, KDE, and
> KPackage, and get X working.  Personally I just use 'apt-get' directly
> (and 'apt-cache' and 'dpkg' as suits the task).  If you like, though,
> go ahead and use one of the many console or X front ends.
> -D

Another option available from a base install is 'tasksel'. Doesn't allow
fine tuning but will install a x-window system , various servers, devel
enviroment, and some other choices.
Greg C. Madden
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

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