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Re: Sharing .deb cache via nfs

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 03:26:38PM +0200, Danie Roux wrote:
> I have two Debian PC's. Both unstable, both with the basically the same
> packages installed. I want to share the packages I've downloaded with
> the other one.

> So I want to export /var/cache/apt and /var/lib/apt. And then have the
> same sources.list.
> Would this work? What is the complications of this? Is there and easier
> way?

(/var/lib/apt?  Is that new?  I don't see it on my system...)

It works, I've done it before.  Just share /var/cache/apt and you'll
only need to download the packages once, but you still need to run
apt-get update and make your package selections separately on each

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