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Re: question about Acrobat

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 01:00:40AM -0800, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> Little reason to support Adobe's mindshare.

    Well, which other consumer software vendors have ported their
    one of their applications to Linux, and continued to support it even
    when not making a dime? 

    Word perfect got ported--then dropped. 
    We've got AOLs AIM client, great friends to the Freedom Of
    Information movement they are. 

    What Adobe did to Dimitri is well and truely fucked--there's no
    other word for it, but Acrobat Reader has been avaliable for Linux
    for a *long* time, Adobe "got it" before many other companies where
    Linux was concerned. They dumped a bunch of resources into porting
    Framemaker, but decided that it wasn't a viable product (probably
    because they realized that there was little commercial demand for

    It's a tough call, pissing on them publically would only have the
    effect of making them drop Acrobat, which still renders better than
    XPDF for many of the files I've looked at, and has a better user
    interface. While not doing anything is a little distasteful as well. 

    Personally, I'll stick to using Acrobat under linux and moving to
    Freehand && etc. on my Mac. 

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