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Re: Printing question


On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Alan & Kerry Shrimpton wrote:

> Hi,
> I know most people have their Linux box connected to the net.  I have my
> windows machine.
> I know most people probably have their printers connected to their Linux
> machine.  I have it connected to my windows machine.
> Seriously, aren't newbies like myself trying to find an alternative to
> windows?  I have a working windows machine.  Why pull it apart to try Linux.
> I want to add Linux to the windows machine and work on it to see if I like
> it.  Keep my windows connected to my scanner, Internet and printer.  Get my
> Linux using it all as my 2nd machine.  Slowly migrate it as my main computer
> if I like it.  Isn't that what most newbies do?
So you have two computers, one main with windoze and one with Linux?

> That is my situation and now to my real question.
> 1.  How the heck do I see my windows machine on my Linux machine?
This is not very easy. At first, what do you mean by 'see'? If you have
your network properly configurated, you should be able to ping each other

Assuming that this is the case, what do you want? Do you want to share
files, to share harddisks and/or to have access?

For sharing of some files, it is most easy to install a ftp server on your
Linux box: apt-get install proftpd
Now you can, by using a common windoze ftp client, exchange files between
both computers (when using DOS's ftp.exe, be aware of the BIN and ASCII
transfer modes: default is ASCII).

But if you want to mount your windoze harddisk over the network on your
Linux box, you will have to take a look at SAMBA. I have no experience
with this, but it turns your Linux box into a windoze compatible
file/printersharing box. I am not sure if you can mount Linux partitions
on your windoze machine and use the windoze connected printer from your
Linux box, but there are sure docs about this. Also have no idea how to
complete the setup under windoze.

Thirdly, if you want to access the Linux box from windoze, simply install
a telnet daemon, or better, ssh: apt-get install sshd
Then download putty.exe somewhere from the web, and you will be able to
log on to the Linux box from windoze.


> 2.  How do I get my Linux machine to print using my printer hardware
> connected to my windows machine?
> No doubt I need to install some packages but what ones?
> Thanks in anticipation.  Cheers Al
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