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Re: dh-client setup problems

See below for dpkg -l pump dhcp-client.  Not sure what it means :|

What are the pro/con of dhcp-client vs pump?  dhcpcd is a dead tool?

ii pump 0.8.11-3 Simple DHCP/BOOTP client.

pn dhcp-client <none> (no description available)

dman wrote:
On Sat, Feb 23, 2002 at 01:25:48PM -0600, hanasaki wrote:
| I put the below in my /etc/network/interfaces and presto!
| | This seems to be running pump. What is dhclient.conf?

What does dpkg -l pump dhcp-client

If you have pump, it will be used.  If you have dh-client (in package
'dhcp-client') instead, it will be used.  Same for dhcpcd, though it
is no longer packaged.

dhclient.conf is the config file for dh-client.


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