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3Ware 7000 series: poor support (was Re: [OT] Price / performance & Software RAID / Hardware RAID / IDE /)

on Thu, Feb 21, 2002, nate (debian-user@aphroland.org) wrote:
> <quote who="O Polite">
> > First I think that I should get faster disk I/O than I have today.
> > So for the first time ever I'm considering some RAID solution.
> >
> > In your experience what will get the best price / speed performance
> > ratio?
> >
> > Software IDE/RAID
> > Software SCSI/RAID
> > IDE RAID controller card
> > SCSI RAID controller card
> >
> > Or maybe just having diffrent partitions on diffrent drives?

> that can be a messy setup though(IMO). You could pick up a 3ware 7000
> series controller(with 8 ports) and do it in hardware(less messy). I
> haven't used the 7000 series so i reccomend checking compadiblity
> before you get it.  I have used the 6800 series, and for a while now
> they have been decent. Just be sure do not skimp on power supplies and
> do not buy IBM drives. 85% of my problems were caused by weak power
> supplies and IBM drives. The 6800 series is no longer in production
> and may be difficult to find as it is end-of-life'd.

It's also hard to find because the people buying the 7000-series cards
for use under GNU/Linux finding their new toy doesn't work are
requesting 6000 "downgrades".  After spending a week wrestling with the
7000, we were _refused_ the downgrade option, despite the fact that we
were willing to eat the price difference on the card (7k being rather

The issue appears to be hardware compatibility related.  Our ASUS mobo
(details not immediately available) doesn't like the 7000, or so it
would seem.  It's not listed on 3Ware's compatibility list.  We also
found that our experience with the identical RH 7.2 install disks as
3Ware documented installation with were different regards the driver
disk and anaconda detection.  Or as identical as we could establish --
linuxiso.org was the cited source, and our md5 sums matched theirs.

FWIW, I also tried the installation under Debian with similar errors.

We're currently downgrading to an 8-port card we're harvesting from
another system, that's known to work.

Our experience with both the card and the company suggest exploring
alternatives would be the right move.

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