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Re: spamassassin. CAREFUL ON UPGRADE

* Brian Clark (brianj@fusionwerks.com) wrote:
> * Cam Ellison (camellison@dccnet.com) [Feb 15. 2002 13:43]:
> > * Brian Clark (brianj@fusionwerks.com) wrote:
> > > Hey, that's nifty. I adjusted some of my scoring and I only get one
> > > or two that find their way through, but I'll surely zip those off to
> > > that address.
> [Hey Cam, you're not wrapping at 72, AFAICS. <g>]
I'm using emacs, which is supposed to be wrapping at 70.  At least, it tries to assure me of this every time I fire it up.  :-P

> > Speaking of adjusting scoring, I have tried to raise required_hits,
> > with no success. When spamassassin reports spam, it still shows this
> > as 5, instead of the 7 that every file I can find is set at. I'm using
> > spamd with exim, if that makes any difference.
> I'm not using spamd, I'm firing off spamassassin with Procmail. But, I'm
> setting required_hits in /etc/spamassassin.prefs
I've got it set to 7 there, too.  I'm not sure what's going on.  I'd hate to have to remove it, because it is catching a lot of stuff.


Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.
From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable Sunshine Coast

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