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Re: Borked mouse

* ben (benfoley@rcn.com) [020213 15:26]:
> On Wednesday 13 February 2002 01:44 pm, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> > * ben (benfoley@rcn.com) [020201 00:13]:
> > > in /etc/gpm.conf, do
> > >
> > > repeat_type=raw
> > >
> > > and in /etc/X11/XF86Config, do
> > >
> > > Option "Device"      "/dev/gpmdata"
> > >
> > > i'd be interested in your analysis of why this should work. all i know is
> > > that it does.
> >
> > I just spoke to this in another thread (called "mouse freezes"). HTH.
> >
> actually, you didn't. all you did was essentially repeat the gpm 
> configuration info.

What I thought I added to it was the part about gpm repeating the
untranslated mouse data in imps2 format on the /dev/gpmdata fifo. I
guess I didn't make that too clear (or you already knew that and were
looking for a deeper, lower-level explanation). I can try a little
better, but I'm not sure exactly which part you're not getting. If I'm
off the mark, try to help me try to hit it.

Both processes (gpm and X) can't read from the same port at the same
time. There's a few different things that could happen if they did:
either one process wouldn't be allowed to try to read from it, or
(worse) each process would get bits interleaved from the other. In the
latter case, neither would get sane data in the format it was expecting,
and you'd get erratic mouse behavior in both.

When you tell gpm to act as a repeater, it reads directly from the port
you assign it (/dev/psaux in this case) and repeats this data on a fifo
(/dev/gpmdata by default) in the format you specify. Whatever format you
give it, you can tell another process (usually X) to listen on that fifo
in that format. If you tell it to use "raw", gpm just passes the data it
reads from its input port unmodified onto its output fifo. Then you can
tell X to interpret the data it reads from /dev/gpmdata as if it were
reading directly from /dev/psaux without gpm.

> the post that you're quoting was addressed to karsten. if 
> you're trying to emulate him, you'll have to do way better than this.

Not at all; just my impression was that questions posted on the list
were "up for grabs" to be answered on the list. You're free to send
private emails if you only want certain people responding, or to ignore
me and anyone else whose responses you don't like.

good times,

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