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Mouse in X and console at the same time


I'm having problems with the Mouse. Until now I've used a simple serial
mouse, and there's been no problem with it, I could use the gpm's repeater
interface under X.

But now I've bought a new Logitech mouse, which is the type of IMPS/2.
Unfortunatelly GPM cannot repeat IMPS/2 protocol, so I cannot use the
mouse's extra services like the roller.

If I use /dev/psaux under X and with gpm too, then one of them always
freezes. Is there a clean way to use IMPS/2 with console and X
at the same time?

thanks in advance

 Gabor Gludovatz <ggabor@sopron.hu>  -  Phone: +36 (20) 9 109 129
         http://www.sopron.hu/~ggabor/  -  ICQ# 861 404

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