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Re: LILO other=/dev/hda6 (boot logical partition)

On Tuesday 12 February 2002 04:28 pm, Michel Loos wrote:
> As far as I know Windows can only boot from a primary partition. Since
> you have more then 4 partitions some must be secondary partition: you
> won t be able to boot windows from them.
> I am not even sure that you can toggle the bootable flag on a secondary
> partition?

this is true. any windows partition has to be within the first four 

from man fdisk:
 A  DOS type partition table can describe an unlimited number of partitions. 
In sector 0 there is room for the description of 4 partitions (called 
`primary'). One of these  may  be  an  extended partition;  this is a box 
holding logical partitions, with descriptors found in a linked list of       
sectors, each preceding the corresponding logical partitions.  The four 
primary partitions, present or not, get numbers 1-4.  Logical partitions 
start numbering from 5.

windon't craps out because it demands to be up front, hogging the facility 
offered by sector 0. unfortunately, this didn't come up in the j.d.'s 
presentation of evidence that gates is a monopolizer. this and the fact that 
gates missed the boat on i386 multitasking potential are the best examples of 
why anything coming out of redmond is inherently a rip-off.


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