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Re: LILO other=/dev/hda6 (boot logical partition)

Robin Rowe, 2002-Feb-12 11:00 -0800:
> Hi. I need to install Win2k on a PC that has only logical partitions
> available.
> /dev/hda1 Linux
> /dev/hda2 Swap
> /dev/hda3 Win2k
> /dev/hda4 Extended
> /dev/hda5 Linux
> /dev/hda6 Win2k (new)
> I  can't get LILO to boot the second Win2k partition. It just hangs there
> with no error message. If I use table=/dev/hda in my lilo.conf 'other' spec
> then lilo objects "Fatal: Partition entry not found." It seems that LILO
> doesn't like to boot Win2k from logical partitions, although ntldr,
> reportedly xosl, and maybe grub will. Is there a fix to make LILO do this?
> I couldn't find a LILO mailing list to ask this question. Is there one?
> Thanks!
> Robin

>From what I've heard, Windows has to be within the first 1024
blocks of the HDD to be able to boot.  I don't know why, and I
assume this goes for all versions of Windows.  What probably is
happening is LILO is handing off to the hda6 partition to boot
and W2K is sayin' "nah-uh, can't do it".

If this is indeed the case, you're going to need to move Windows
closer to the front of the HDD.

good luck,

Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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