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Re: 8139too on 2.2.19 ?

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 06:09:48PM -0500, Jason M. Harvey wrote:
> did you happen to ever use two nics in the same pc that used the same
> module?!? i'm wondering if that would work... as long as modules.conf
> has eth0 and eth1 both specified... on the other hand, walking her
> through all this over the phone may be a little hard.
> any thoughts?

You shouldn't have any problem running 2 of the same nic on one computer. 
Just make sure you label the nics once you figure out which one is being
called eth0 and you'll be fine.  FWIW whenever I send out a firewall/router
box I try to set it up with mgetty to answer the phone after some large # of
rings.  That way if there is a problem I can just tell the customer to turn
off the answering machine/fax/whatever and I can dial in and fix it.


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