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Re: routing problem

	Obviously the issue resolves around the default gateway setup
on the machines... Box A should obviously have the ultimate default
gateway as it has the internet access directly... Box B should go to Box
A if it isn't destined for either network 192.168.9/24 or 192.168.7/24
which would go out the other interface... Box C has the deliema of
having two routes which could be consider'd equal except for bandwidth

	As I'm not sure your exact intent of doing this setup take this
as you may and if you wish contact me further if you just don't want to
discuss further details over the public list, but would welcome some
more info regarding my suggestions... 

	As I'm goin on the assumption you want Box C to have an option
of which network (.9/24 or .7/24) go through and as they are equal hop
count but obviously different bandwidth I would be tempt'd to suggest
possibly running zebra on the three machines using possibly OSPF as it
can take into account the bandwidth; whereas RIP would go on hop

	In this case you'd have Box A redistribute it's static default
route which would be received by Box B... Then when Box B talk'd with
Box C it would tell Box C that it was a default gateway... The OSPF
rules would be able to properly route through... 

	I don't have everything to duplicate here locally and provide
you with a sample config off the top of my head but having work'd with
OSPF both on Cisco routers and with Zebra I'd be willing to help if I

	Jeremy T. Bouse

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 07:48:45PM +0100, Casper Gielen wrote:
> lets start with network topology:
>                     /\/\/\/\/\
>                    < internet >
>                     \/\/\/\/\/
>                         |
>                         |
>                     ---------
>                     | box A |
>                     ---------
>                         |
>                         | 10mbit UTP
>                         |
>                     ---------
>                     | box B | 
>                     ---------
>         |     | 
>  10 mbit |     | 100mbit UTP
>         |     |
>                     ---------
> 	            | box C |
> 	            ---------
> My problem is that A can't communicate with C through the network.
> It works just fine through the network.
> TCPDUMP shows that the pings arrive at correctly, but it
> doesn't respond. If I change the default gw on C from to
> it works. So I think I could get there by telling C it
> should use as a gateway for the 192.168.9 network. But how.
> Adding a default gw with another metric doesn't seem to work.

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