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RE: Problems with console-log package.

> From: Stan Brown [mailto:stanb@awod.com]
> I would like to use the console-log package to do this on my new woody
> machine, but there apears to eb a problem with it. This 
> morning at 6:23
> when the mail log file was rotated, consol-log did not pick 
> up on this.
> I'ts still showing the end of yesterdays file :-(

I've been using console-log as well, for some months.  It used to work as
expected, but something broke recently ... unfortunately I don't know what

I still use it, as it is only a matter of hitting 'ctrl-c', then 'q' for the
most recent log.  I believe that sends a 'break' signal which allows me to
look through the old log in PAGER. 'q' exits the pager, and causes the
latest log to be displayed on-screen.


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