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Re: dual card lock up

techlists@techgod.net wrote:
> I had a dual boot system workin fine.  Win2k and Debian woody(kernel 2.4 17).  I decided to add a 2nd video card......win2k, I've had no problems.  but with Debian, on boot up it shows the card and locks up.  My main Video card is an Nvidia GeForce II 400MX AGP, and the other is an ATI All in Wonder Pro PCI.
> Has anyone had this problem?

Not exactly the same, but...

I got a MB with onboard i810e graphics, and added an old ATI (rage II or
something) pci card.  The odd thing is if I set my bios to make both
cards work in w2k, the computer hangs when starting x under linux. 
Shifting the primary video setting in bios makes both cards work in
linux, but just on in w2k.

Check if there is some bios setting you can flip with, it _might_ help.

Good luck,

> Wayne

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