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Re: Sample exim config file?

On Thu Jan 31 23:29:30 2002 dman wrote...
>On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 10:04:40PM -0500, Stan Brown wrote:
>| After listening to everyones recomendations on an MTA for my needs, I
>| decided to give exim a try.
>| I used eximconfig, and took choice 2, but i'm afraid that I don't
>| understand the questions it asks well enough to arrive at a working config.
>| Here is what I'm trying to set up. I want all outgoing mail routed to
>| mail.xx.com, where xxx is one of my ISP's. I want the user ID's rewriten to
>| match how he recives mail for me (I'm pretty certain I have this part
>| correct). I wan't to retireve mail using fetchmail, which will then hand
>| off to procmail, which after filtering will place some mail in specific
>| mail foolders (list subscriptions), and then will pass the remainder on to
>| my default mailbox.
>This is a classic "smarthost" configuration.  See 
>    http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-user%40lists.debian.org/msg82754.html
>for step-by-step answers to the questions.

Thanks for the help. I found out that the problem was that I had set up
.forward, as specifed in the SpamBouncer instructiosn, wgich did not work
with exim. I presently _am_ using forwar for my sendmail installation on
the HP, so it sounded like I need to do that. In an effor to break the big
problem down into small amangeable chunks, I deleted it, and vola, things
started working!

Looks like exim does not know how to deal with ,fooorwards? Does tha make

>As for the rewriting of names, edit /etc/email-addresses and add an
>entry for each user or read spec.txt regarding rewriting rules.  I
>don't think you really need them anyways since you set the From:
>header in your MUA.

Umm,. I do need to hide the reall origin as much as possible. You would not
believe what  sidiotic checks are being prefromed by some mailing lists (in
the _name_ of anit spam :-(). FreeBSD is just nuts babout this. 

>| Does nayone have a smaple exim config file I could look at?
>If you really want it, but my setup is quite a bit different -- I send
>outgoing mail directly to the MX handlers and incoming mail is
>received directly (it would work just as well coming from fetchmail
>though, there's no difference).

I reallu _hate_ having to go to realy, but the above mailing lists are
forcing me to. Do you have a real registerd domain & reverse DNS working/
If so, what did it cost & who is doing it for you?

Thanks, for the help, again.

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