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Re: internet connection - was: solved: CS4236 ...

Just got home from work ... thanks for your reply ...

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to check that all of your installed apps are properly configured, do
dpkg -C

This gives me a new prompt after about two seconds. Nothing more.

and post the results of that. there may be something else that screwed up.
the command above runs cleanly, bringing you back to a prompt without error
messages, then everything is in order, as far as what's been installed so
is concerned.
if you can't ping your nameserver, then you're not going to get anything out

of whois, either. whois <web address, or ip address> would return domain
registration info for whatever address you give it. for instance, here's a
smidge of what whois tells me about whidbey.net:
Administrative Contact:
Denka, Mike (MD135) mdenk@WHIDBEY.NET
14888 SR 525
Langley, WA 98260
(360) 341-0009
doesn't really matter, right now, though.

Interesting! I'll explore this further once I'll be online again. Thanks for
the demonstration!

it also doesn't matter that you use wvdial--it's a fine dialer; there are
many others, as well, but the point is it's not going to be the cause of the

kind of problem you're having.
are you using the same machine to send mail to the list.

No, I'm using my girlfriend's M$-ME-computer to write to the list. Both are
networked (LAN). Normally we use the Linux box as a router. Btw, both
computers use the same phoneline, so, right now I have to disconnect the one
to use the other and vice versa. This shows that the phoneline is okay. I
can ping at least the first nameserver from Windows. So, that confirms, that
nameserver and IP are so far okay, right?

 if so, then you're
connection is staying alive, so it's not that. that you're not getting a
answer to your problem is due to the fact that it's mighty weird what's
on there. check /etc/network/interfaces. on my system, the important part of

it looks like this:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

I didn't have "auto lo", added it, but it didn't make any difference. :-(

if yours doesn't, then that could be the source of the problem.
try to think of what is different about the new installation, and start
making notes of anything you may have been unsure about in the course of the

initial configuration.

I'll certainly do so with the next install. Good idea!

are there any alternative dns ip's available at your isp; ie, can you be
certain that the isp isn't having a dns problem right now, or may even have
changed their dns servers? it has been know to happen.

I called them yesterday, and they claimed nothing has changed on their side.

are you sure that
you're dialing into the right number? are there optional numbers that you
try? is there anyone you can call who uses the same setup to connect to the
web to check that? this actually happened to me--i had the last digit wrong
by one; the call was answered by a modem and i thought i was connected but
couldn't get anywhere. in fact, you should also check /etc.wvdial.conf to
make sure that you have the right baud setting for the modem you're dialling


Yes, I double checked phone # and baud rate, compared with the other
computer's config. Everything okay here.

wvdial gives me at the end:
PPP session from (some-IP-address) to some-IP-address beginning ...."lots of
weird keystrokes"
--> PPP negotiation detected.
--> Starting pppd at date time

Does this look okay to you? As far as I remember it was the same when it
actually worked with the last install. I can ping both of those IP-addresses
 which I assume are the dynamic addresses for my, and the remote system?

the main thing is, don't get hung up on what you can't do. focus more on the

fact that there is, however elusive, a logical reason behind the problem,
its solution is going to involve a wealth of understanding that can't be
bought by any other means than having the problem in the first place. it's a

good lesson.

That's an interesting way to see it! ;-) Yes, you're certainly right.
Anyway, I'm tempted to suggest a complete new install. This might get things
straight, but then I (we) will never get to know what the problem was. This
is the part I don't like about the idea. What's your opinion?

by the way, you live in one of my favorite parts of the world. if i could,
i'd be living on orcas, sucking in that chlorophyl.

What keeps you from doing so? The Pudget Sound is the most beautiful area I
ever saw. I just hope the INS will allow me to stay here!


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