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Re: internet connection - was: solved: CS4236 ...

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if you can't ping debian.org, it's a dns problem. try to do a whois--that
should fail as well. if your conf files are all in order, then your dnsutils

must be screwed somehow. try dpkg --configure dnsutils, and post the error
returns you're getting for any failed attempts at whatever you try. make it
easier for people to be helpful.
dpkg --configure dnsutils gives me:
dpkg: error processing dnsutils (--configure):
package dnsutils is already installed and configured
Errors were encountered while processing:

Would you please give me an example how to use whois?
I just tried to ping my nameserver's address. Didn't work.
I can only ping the dynamic address range my provider gives me upon connect. I connect with wvdial. Does this matter?

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