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Re: Woody root on RAID and 2.4.17


> 	/dev/md0 - /boot
> 	/dev/md1 - swap
> 	/dev/md2 - root

> ># Specifies the boot device.  This is where Lilo installs its boot
> ># block.  It can be either a partition, or the raw device, in which
> ># case it installs in the MBR, and will overwrite the current MBR.
> >#
> >boot=/dev/md0
> >raid-extra-boot = "/dev/hdi,/dev/hde"
> >
> ># Specifies the device that should be mounted as root. (`/')
> >#
> >root=/dev/md2

Thanks John.  Now bear with me for a while...

I've got this setup:

/boot on /dev/md1 (/dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1)
root on /dev/md2 (/dev/sda2 and /dev/sdb2)

I've got a normal single-disk installation on /dev/sdb.  I've marked all
the partitions on /dev/sda as "failed-disk" in /etc/raidtab.  So the RAID
is running in degraded mode, until I manage to boot into it.  Then I'll
change the entries to "raid-disk" and raidhotadd the partitions.

This is fairly standard procedure, I understand; you install a single-disk
system, start RAID arrays which include partitions on the disk with the
system on it as "failed-disk", clone the system into the arrays, make the
RAID system bootable, boot into it, mark the "failed" partitions
as "raid" and raidhotadd them.  I have done this successfully a number of
times with kernel 2.2  and the older lilo.

Now to keep my single-disk system bootable, I guess from what you write
that I need to put this in /etc/lilo.conf:


# device with /boot filesystem

# MBR's to which lilo will be installed; omit /dev/sdb
# until the RAID system is bootable

# device with root filesystem


And then, once the RAID system is bootable, install the MBR to /dev/sdb as

# MBR's to which lilo will be installed
raid-extra-boot=/dev/sda, /dev/sdb

Am I getting this right?  I wouldn't like to trash the single-disk install

Best regards,


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