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Re: [±¤°í] CD¹øÈ£ºÎ2002 Àü±¹ÆÇ ¾È³»

On Saturday 02 February 2002 07:09 pm,  Bruce Burhans wrote:
>     I'm working on it Dman. Have read 2 Debian Install Manuals, 3X each,
> dselect, cfdsk, bootprompt HOWTO,
> basic book on Unix, modem HOWTO, Josh's Linux Guide, and have started on
> Rute Users' .....Not to mention following 2 newsgroups and spending
> hours on the Net.......
>     But all these materials assume much more knowledge than they think.
> My old Brother word processor (read:: text editor in Linux) hadn't
> broken down in November  2001, and I just ordered a Gateway  the nest
> day for MS Word. I do a lot of writing and couldn't even spare the time
> to shop around. *Then* I got mesmerized by these incredible tools and
> learned about Linux a month after that. There are grade-school kids who
> can do more with my computer than I can.
>      But I'm studying hard, and  it's starting to make real sense. Will
> get up the courage to install one of these days. There's someone that
> will babysit over the phone while I run through LILO config, cfdsk, and
> dbootstrap and dselect/dpkg, but I have to feel comfortable with the
> process first, in my mind. Will be sending XPernicious to cyberhell and
> installing a rudimentary console-only setup at first, with comm apps,
> text editor, and necessary utilities.
>     I have become dependent on e-mail for business, and the Install must
> work the first time/day.

what you need to start looking at is setting up a dual boot system, so that 
you can still do the rudimentary necessities on windon't and also get to 
spend time on your own linux system, learning what you need to know to make 
the transition. as much as many of us wish that a certain part of the anatomy 
hadn't had to suffer the many years of brutish enslavement to bill, nobody 
expects you to make the transition in a day. maybe nobody told you, but not 
only is it possible to have both a real operating system and that other crap 
reside on the same computer, but if there were an honest count of all those 
on the list who still have the other crap on their systems, even if in many 
cases it hasn't been booted in a long-ass time, you might be surprised by 
that number.


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