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Warning: Type conversion failed

I get a little window saying this twice, one time right below the other,
as follows:

(HTML Title?: subprocess diagnostics)

Warning:  Type conversion failed
Warning:  Type conversion failed

	[Okay button]

every time I bring up a new mail message window by hitting <New Msg> on
the Communicator 4.77 on my stable distribution.  I've been
updating/upgrading frequently, so any bug fixes should have taken
place.  I've been seeing this now for possibly over two months since the
first time I posted something on it, so I thought I'd put in another QA
note.  Please pass it on, or yell at me if I'm being somehow obviously
stupid.  Among other things I'm using afterstep.  I'm probably leaving
out some important version information, but at least I'm saying it's the
latest stable I'm successfully update/upgrading.  I haven't seen it
upgrade Communicator though, which likely i would have remembered.

Getting into afterstep is also a bit klunky, but I'll address after this
bug is fixed.


Sincerely, Xeno Campanoli
Physically I'm at:  5101 N. 45th St., Tacoma, WA, 98407-3717, U.S.A.

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