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MTA recomendations?

I'm seting up a new woody box for my wife to use. I need a recomendation on
an easy to set up, reliable MTA.

Heres the setup, the box will realy all outgoing mail through a local ISP.
It will run fetchmail to retireve mail from that ISP, which will then call
procmail to use SpamBouncer, which will in turn call the MTA to deliver
mall to a local mailbaox. It will be read using elm (or perhaps mutt).

I would think this was a failry common stup. 

Oh, BTW user names on the local box do not map directly to user names at
teh ISP, so I need for the MTA to rewrite the sender on the way out, and I
need for it to understamd that mail for, say, sandib@xxx.com is really for
the local user sandi.

Thanks for any sugestions on this, as this Christmas present is runig a bit
behind schedule, and I'm getting a lot of flack from te local user
community  :-)

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