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Re: MTA recomendations?

On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 19:55, Stan Brown wrote:
> I'm seting up a new woody box for my wife to use. I need a recomendation on
> an easy to set up, reliable MTA.
> Heres the setup, the box will realy all outgoing mail through a local ISP.
> It will run fetchmail to retireve mail from that ISP, which will then call
> procmail to use SpamBouncer, which will in turn call the MTA to deliver
> mall to a local mailbaox. It will be read using elm (or perhaps mutt).
> I would think this was a failry common stup. 
> Oh, BTW user names on the local box do not map directly to user names at
> teh ISP, so I need for the MTA to rewrite the sender on the way out, and I
> need for it to understamd that mail for, say, sandib@xxx.com is really for
> the local user sandi.

exim. Configure on installation using option (2) (or later with
eximconfig), put the addresses to be rewritten into /etc/email-addresses
and you're set. It's the default MTA of debian, too

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