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Samba & Win2K

After fooling around with the Samba server in Woody for a few days, I
just couldn't get any results, even after reading various FAQs and some
of the docs on samba.org.

The problem is credentials, authentication, whatever you want to call
it.  I can "see" the Debian machine with a Windows 2000 client, I just
can't browse anything.  Depending on how options are set in SWAT, the
error is either "Incorrect password or unknown username for \\Debian"
which then prompts me for another username & password, or else a dialog
that says something to the effect that credentials aren't acceptable,
with no further chance to modify them (sorry I can't remember the exact
verbiage at the moment).

I'm sure this is complicated further by having shadow and MD5, because
I'm not sure where Samba is trying to get the password from:  PAM, or
its own password file, or who knows what else.

Anyway, in one article, I gleaned the following tidbit:

"SAMBA can work with Windows 2000 systems, as long as the latter are
running in NBT-compatibility mode."

Perhaps this is what's holding me up from making progress here, but I
don't understand how to enable it; on the Win2K machine, "Enable NetBIOS
over TCP/IP" is already checked (maybe it should be unchecked?).  Also I
don't know what the implications are for browsing other Windows machines
when you run in this "compatibility mode".

Does anyone have more information on this, maybe a better HOWTO specific
to Win2K or some real-world results?  A Google search for these keywords
brings up exactly one hit, the site where that came from in the first


Jeff Bonner

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