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Re: Samba & Win2K

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 17:16:38 -0500, Jeff Bonner wrote:

>After fooling around with the Samba server in Woody for a few days, I
>just couldn't get any results, even after reading various FAQs and some
>of the docs on samba.org.
>The problem is credentials, authentication, whatever you want to call
>it.  I can "see" the Debian machine with a Windows 2000 client, I just
>can't browse anything.  Depending on how options are set in SWAT, the
>error is either "Incorrect password or unknown username for \\Debian"
>which then prompts me for another username & password, or else a dialog
>that says something to the effect that credentials aren't acceptable,
>with no further chance to modify them (sorry I can't remember the exact
>verbiage at the moment).
>I'm sure this is complicated further by having shadow and MD5, because
>I'm not sure where Samba is trying to get the password from:  PAM, or
>its own password file, or who knows what else.
>Anyway, in one article, I gleaned the following tidbit:
>"SAMBA can work with Windows 2000 systems, as long as the latter are
>running in NBT-compatibility mode."
>Perhaps this is what's holding me up from making progress here, but I
>don't understand how to enable it; on the Win2K machine, "Enable NetBIOS
>over TCP/IP" is already checked (maybe it should be unchecked?).  Also I
>don't know what the implications are for browsing other Windows machines
>when you run in this "compatibility mode".
>Does anyone have more information on this, maybe a better HOWTO specific
>to Win2K or some real-world results?  A Google search for these keywords
>brings up exactly one hit, the site where that came from in the first
>Jeff Bonner
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Check out the SMB HOWTO.  Win9x/NT encrypts the password, while samba
expects un-crypted.  The howto suggests registry fixes for 9x and NT but
has no info for 2k (at least not on my in-machine file).  It does
suggest additional reading before you enable "encrypt passwords = yes"
in your smb.conf file.

good luck,

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