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Re: /etc/resolve.conf

On Saturday 19 January 2002 01:17 pm, Alan & Kerry Shrimpton wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a real newbie and just joined this list.  I decided to try Debian
> 2.2.19 but finding it a bit hard to configure everything.  When I first
> installed it, no cards were detected.  Since then I have been able to load
> modules to get my sound card to work but can't seem to get my network
> running.
> I have tried the newsgroups with a little success but now I need a real
> Debian expert.
> I have modified my /etc/modules file and added the module tulip.
> With this I can ping both machines.  My Linux machine will ping my windows
> machine and vice versa.
> That's it.  What I want to achieve is to get my packages direct from the
> Internet.  Currently I have to download them on my windows machine, copy
> them to my cd and install using dpkg -i.  Long term would be to get rid of
> windows but that is a long way aways.
> My windows machine is connected to the Internet via dialup.  My Linux
> machine is on the network.  It can dual boot windows or Linux.  Using
> dselect I have set up the access but when I do the update I get errors like
> Could not resolve, Failed to fetch etc etc.
> Can someone help?  What do you need to know?  I have read a lot of Howto's.
> One think I think is strange is I don't have /etc/resolve.conf
> Is this normal?

unless there's a totally compelling need to keep the "win-don't" box hooked 
to the internet, you're life would be a lot easier if you used the linux box 
to dialup.

in that case, for /etc/resolv.conf, you create the file in the form:

search <your isp's domain name>
nameserver <your isp's dns server in numerical ip form>
nameserver <any additional dns server at your isp>


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