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Re: /etc/resolve.conf


On Saturday 19 January 2002 02:17 pm, Alan & Kerry Shrimpton wrote:
> My windows machine is connected to the Internet via dialup.  My Linux
> machine is on the network.  It can dual boot windows or Linux.  Using
> dselect I have set up the access but when I do the update I get errors like
> Could not resolve, Failed to fetch etc etc.
> Can someone help?  What do you need to know?  I have read a lot of Howto's.
> One think I think is strange is I don't have /etc/resolve.conf
> Is this normal?

Hey, if you don't have a resolv.conf you'll need to make one.  Just make it 
look something like this:

nameserver <DNS Nameserver #1>
nameserver <DNS Nameserver #2>

Where the nameserver's (you only need 1, you can add other ones optionally 
(if you have them).  For the nameserver you should put your windoze box if 
it's set up to do that, or if it's not then set it as your isp's Primary and 
Secondary DNS.  You'll also need to set your gateway to your windows computer 
by editing /etc/network/interfaces.  Windows will need to be running 
something like ICS too...

Cameron Matheson

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