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Re: Emacs HTML modes

>>"Michael" == Michael P Soulier <msoulier@mcss.cas.mcmaster.ca> writes:

 Michael>  Personally, I'm not currently happy with psgml-mode. I'm
 Michael> finding it buggy, and I've since uninstalled it. I'll try it
 Michael> later after a few more revisions. 

	As the psgml maintainer, I would like to know what bugs you
 have encountered (I note there are no reports beyond a wishlist to
 supprot font-lock in the BTS).  If you do not actually report the
 flaws, how do you expect them to be fixed?

	I use psgml fairly frequently, and it works to my
 satisfaction. Given that, and given the time since upstream release,
 a few revisions may take a decade unless people speak up and

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