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Re: debian-friendly DSL/cable ISP in NYC area?


i heartly agree with noah. i too am a speakeasy customer after my former isp 
(verio) attempted to dump me onto earthlink.net (huh???). anyway, customer 
satisfaction has been nothing short of excellent. i am running two dns 
servers at home with the two ip's furnished by speakeasy. i am in the process 
of registering those with internic (though through apparent incompetance on 
the part of network solutions, it is taking way, way too much time!)

On Monday 14 January 2002 12:12 pm, Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 10:25:54AM -0800, Kurt Lieber wrote:
> > I'm moving to NYC in the next couple of weeks to start a new job.  Can
> > anyone provide recommendations for ISPs that will allow me to run a few
> > debian boxes (and one iMac) with a minimum of hassle?  I'm looking to
> > avoid ISPs that require proprietary software or funky configs just to get
> > them to work on their network.
> Speakeasy!  (www.speakeasy.net)  They are very friendly to the idea of
> doing more than just websurfing in windows.  They actually *encourage*
> the running of servers on their DSL network and are happy to hand out
> multiple static IP addresses (they charge for them, but not a huge
> amount).  They will handle DNS service for you, or let you do it
> yourself if you want (except reverse DNS, which they insist on running,
> though they'll make any reasonable changes you ask them to).
> They're certainly not the cheapest ISP in the country, but they may very
> well be the best.  I've been their customer for a bit more than a year
> now, and have not experienced a single unscheduled outtage.
> noah

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