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Re: Upgrade potato -> woody

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:41:04AM -0600, Colin Watson wrote:
> (xbase-clients, rather - your reply just went to me, sorry I didn't get
> round to responding.)

Oops, hit the wrong key.

> I *think* the problem is in apt, not xbase-clients. If you had startx
> before the upgrade, you had xbase-clients - which means that something
> in the upgrade caused xbase-clients to be removed. A number of packages, > including things like xfonts-base and xlibs, conflict with old versions
> of xbase-clients, but this should have caused xbase-clients to be
> upgraded rather than removed.

You could be right.  Next upgrade I will try the debugging output.
However, it is unlikely I will be upgrading another Debian machine soon.
Perhaps someone else on the list will try it, eventually.

Should the bug system still get an informational note, perhaps?

William Burrow -- New Brunswick, Canada

I had similar problems with xconsole (and maybe others, I didn't check) disappearing. However, I didn't lose the startx command. The xbase-clients package showed up as installed on my system. I did an 'apt-get install --reinstall' and xconsole was restored. I would guess that some other package is responsible for the disappearance. Was xconsole part of another package previously?

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