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Re: Debian Lists, USENET & Spam

on Sat, 05 Jan 2002 10:07:43PM -0600, Nori Heikkinen insinuated:
> RTFM: 
> man procmail
> http://spamassassin.taint.org/
> http://spamassassin.taint.org/dist/README

so of course, having written this, and having rtfm'ed myself, now i
have a question ...

from http://spamassassin.taint.org/dist/README:
" On Debian, you can apt-get it from unstable, thanks to Duncan

debian confirms this at

so why can't i do:

orange:~# apt-get install spamassassin/unstable
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package spamassassin/unstable

?  am i doing it wrong?  (currently running potato)




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