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Re: Hardware advice needed

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 08:53:02AM +1000, Penguin wrote:
| Hello all,
| I would like to buy some new hardware so I can get rid of my stupid RedHat 
| bloatware with its buggy latest betas and alphas and get Potato 2.2r4 on my 
| box here.
| The problems I have so far is: video card (I have an NVIDIA GeForce II MX400 
| AGP card 64MB),

This is fine.  Worst-case you either use SVGA driver or framebuffer
(framebuffer is good, just not fast).

| modem (I have an external NetComm Roadster II 56K)

External is good.  No problems there, all you need to do is configure

| and sound card (Ess Solo 1).

I don't know about that particular card, but I have used 2 different
ESS cards with no trouble.

| Potato fails to recognise 

The installer is not very "automatic" like some other systems.  You'll
have to RTFM to determine what needs to be done to configure your
system.  Fortunately for you, linux is not wholly unfamiliar and you
have a working setup you can compare agains.

| Also, once I had setup wvdial, and typed wvdial at the command line,
| it would dial fine, and it would get all the way to "starting 
| PPP ..." or whatever, then just stop there. It would never acknowledge I was 
| connected.

See what syslog says, it may have something for you.  Does pppd start?

| So what I want to do is:
| - get a video card Potato will recognise or autodetect at install time, pref 
| a PCI card, not AGP (will I get good quality graphics on my desktop with a 
| PCI card, as I do with my AGP card? Apparently AGP cards are always faster. 
| True??)

You have one :-).

| - get a sound card that Potato has a driver for

Get a new kernel anyways.  At least 2.2.20, but I'm using 2.4.17.

| - get a 56K modem (PCI card pref) that Potato can work with

Internal modems are usually more trouble because they are usually
winmodems.  I've used a couple different ISA modems without trouble.
Just use minicom to test the modem.  If it works in redhat, it will
work in debian, you just need to configure it.

| Also, can I use a 15inch screen with Debian? It won't stupidly assume I have 
| a 17inch screen like some RedHat programmes??

Like what programs?  In what way do you think they assume you have a
17" monitor?  The size of the monitor is indeterminable by software.



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    Who can straighten what He has made crooked?
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