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Re: Hardware advice needed

Penguin wrote:
> Potato fails to recognise my video card and I am lost and confused about my
> modem, since I can't get the packages with my Internet connection (not one of
> them) because when I specify HTTP or FTP as a source for packages, it fails
> to dial my ISP. Also, once I had setup wvdial, and typed wvdial at the
> command line, it would dial fine, and it would get all the way to "starting
> PPP ..." or whatever, then just stop there. It would never acknowledge I was
> connected.

I used wvdial for a little while, but I can't recall if it ever
acknowledged the connection. I check for a successful connection by
either running /sbin/ifconfig and checking for the existance of a 'ppp0'
interface, or by looking at the end of the /var/log/messages file for
the ppp debug output (although you can only do this as root, and the
debug messages only appear if pppd is in debug mode).

> Lynx and so on would say they could not find the host and that I
> wasn't connected, and yet when I went `echo "Hello World blah blah" >
> /dev/ttyS0 this would clearly be sent through my modem. (Where to I don't
> know, maybe the ISP server!)

You probably need a few config changes before web browsing will work,
even if you are successful in getting a connection to your ISP.
You will need:
	- your ISP's nameserver IP addresses in your /etc/resolv.conf file (add
lines like 'nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx', one for each nameserver)
You might need:
	- proxy settings in your browser. Read the lynx man page to find out
how to do it for lynx. Netscape/Mozilla will have it in the preferences


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