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Re: Local imap from remote pop

"Michael D. Crawford" <crawford@goingware.com> writes:

> I have accounts on several servers at my hosting service.  I normally
> read my mail via ssh and elm.  I would like to download my mail via POP
> and read it off a server in my house using IMAP.
> Is it possible to do what I want, and can you tell me the basics of what
> I will need to do?  I've never set up a mail server of any sort.
> I would like to fetch the POP mail via an SSH tunnel.  The usernames for
> the different accounts are in general different from any of the
> usernames I use on my local machines.  It would probably be best to
> recieve mail on my own machine, but I don't have a static IP address -
> so I have to let the hosting service get my mail and use pop to retrieve
> it.

I don't know anything about SSH tunneling.  However, fetchmail is
typically what one uses to fetch mail from a POP3 account and feed it to
the local machine's MDA.  The fetchmailconf package provides a somewhat
sane GUI for configuring fetchmail.

Setting up an IMAP server is about as simple as 'apt-get install
$IMAPD'.  For $IMAPD, I prefer courier-imap-ssl for maildir and ssl
support, though uw-imapd is probably the simplest to setup since it uses
standard mbox by default.

Brian Nelson <nelson@bignachos.com>

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