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(Fwd) Re: Lost in apt-get

On 1 Jan 2002 at 14:41, camilo@cancun.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Im still a little confused with some aspects of apt-get and would
> like to see if someone could orient me a little, either pointing me
> to some URLs , or answering briefly...
> I dont quite get it, lets say i apt-get install a package... so it
> fetches the necessary files, downloads, and installs them.. but,
> where does apt-get leaves the binaries? i mean for example, i apt-
> get'ed xmms , and it downloaded and installed.. but i have no clue
> on how to launch it.

A good way to start to find where thingsd have gone after an install
is "find / -name xmms*"   this will search everything below / .

Or to search your path just try "which xmms"

or just use the golden rule about Debian, all the configuration files
for any program are in /etc

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