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Re: X setup problem? connection to ":0,0" refused by server

Paul Scott wrote:

Shawn Lamson wrote:

From: "Paul Scott" <waterhorse@ultrasw.com> Subject: X setup problem? connection to ":0,0" refused by server

When I attempt
emacs /etc/init.d/networking
from xterm I get

connection to ":0,0" refused by server

It works from a virtual terminal.

are you sure you didn't su to root before executing emacs?
maybe you are logged in as root in the virtual terminal.

I'm sorry. I left out that most important piece of information. Yes I su'd to root in X and from the VT. (I think I wouldn't have permission to change that file if I wasn't root).

If so:
#export DISPLAY=0:0 XAUTHORITY=/home/yourusername/.Xauthority <enter>
and try again.

Thanks for your answer to my wrong question.

Using emacs (as root) to configure my network works on the machine I am on now but not the one I was asking about.

Now, any answers to the right question?

An answer to this question seems to be su - rather than just su. The machine in question is running potato with a 2.2 kernel.



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