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Advice for fetchmail & exim config


I seem to be one of those people you can't understand unix e-mail
configuration no matter how much I read, books, HOW-TO's etc.

Trying to setup fetchmail & exim.

localhost user name is : localuser

ISP e-mail account is stupidname@isp.net

.fetchmailrc is:
poll mail.isp.net proto apop:
	user "stupidname", with password "***", is "localuser" here;

for exim all i did was add:
	driver = domainlist
	transport = remote_smtp
	route_list = "* mail.isp.net" bydns_a

When fetchmail is executed I get a rejection error message from exim
which has
...reject relay (host) ...

Does exim think I'm trying to use it as a relay host?

Most confusing is how should the incoming/outgoing filtering/header
rewrite be done?  I'm looking for a good example of exim configuration
for simple case of having localuser@localhost able to send/receive local
mail and be able to send/receive mail from stupidname@isp.net.


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