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Re: Advice for fetchmail & exim config


If you're on a workstation, you probably don't need to be [or IMO, shouldn't
be] running an MTA at all.

You can install ssmtp and fetchmail/getmail, and may find that you no longer
need an MTA at all.

ssmtp is a replacement for sendmail that uses your ISP's smarthost to send all
mail sent using sendmail -s.  This works for mutt, and others.

Fetchmail can fetch your mail (hmm) from your ISP's POP* or IMAP server, and
deliver it to your local MTA or Procmail.  Getmail can deliever directly to
your inbox.

Check these out, all three are in apt.  Note that installing ssmtp will remove


On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, scott worley wrote:

> Hi,
> I seem to be one of those people you can't understand unix e-mail
> configuration no matter how much I read, books, HOW-TO's etc.
> Trying to setup fetchmail & exim.
> localhost user name is : localuser
> ISP e-mail account is stupidname@isp.net
> .fetchmailrc is:
> poll mail.isp.net proto apop:
> 	user "stupidname", with password "***", is "localuser" here;
> for exim all i did was add:
> smarthost:
> 	driver = domainlist
> 	transport = remote_smtp
> 	route_list = "* mail.isp.net" bydns_a
> When fetchmail is executed I get a rejection error message from exim
> which has
> ..reject relay (host) ...
> Does exim think I'm trying to use it as a relay host?
> Most confusing is how should the incoming/outgoing filtering/header
> rewrite be done?  I'm looking for a good example of exim configuration
> for simple case of having localuser@localhost able to send/receive local
> mail and be able to send/receive mail from stupidname@isp.net.
> scott
> folokai@earthlink.net
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