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Re: dpkg hiding packages?

On 20-Dec-2001 Bill wrote:
> Hi,
> i've got a sad situation i don't understand: dpkg -l don't seems to be hiding
> some packages from my view.  this is disturbing since I use dpkg as my 
> information source on what software I can easily install on my systems
> is there a way to sync those two?  is this a feature of some sort?

dpkg is the original tool and still the underlying one.  When it was first
written the common usage was using dselect to find and install packages and
dpkg was there when you needed to hand hold the system.

dpkg mostly queries what is actually on your system.  apt is a fetch tool and
thus knows about what is out there to be retrieved.

You really need to think of apt like a web browser.  It knows how to show you
what is out there and let you download it.

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